Why Smart Battery Is an Ideal Solution for Every Home

Why Smart Battery Is an Ideal Solution for Every Home

Many people are switching to the great possibilities that solar batteries can bring. Households can take advantage of daylight hours to power their homes using the sun’s energy. If you’re a first-time buyer who likes to generate your own electricity, this article will give you an idea about a smarter way to provide energy to your home.

How Do You Acquire Electricity?

Electricity reaches homes from stations with huge generators. A meter calculates how much power your family uses. Over the last ten years, bills for electricity have augmented tremendously.

When will you try free energy? If you let professionals install a solar panel system for your house, there would be a difference in your home life once you install this system. In addition, this is also a big help for retired individuals to build long-term savings.

Reasons Why People Are Switching to Solar Panel Systems

  • The installation of the system is quick and easy, and the unit can start working within the day.
  • You can save up to 60% (approximately up to £600/year) on your energy bills.
  • It helps the environment by decreasing the carbon footprint by 1.2 tonnes of CO2 per year.
  • You can avoid price hikes.
  • The dashboard that you can personalize enables you to view real-time energy usage creation and utilization.
  • You can expect a 25-year output performance warranty for the solar panel systems.

Two Ideal Ways with Guaranteed Savings

  • Solar energy storage: Solar panel system is economical. However, you can extend your savings if you include a component to save excess energy.
  • Time of use charge: A charging plan can be set so that you can take advantage of your tariff. It’s a significant saving option for many.

What a Smart Battery Can Do

Typically, while the solar panel system is charging, the excess energy goes back to the grid. When you integrate a smart battery, you could store the spare energy for later use. Many households are satisfied using this product because they always have free power throughout the night.

Evaluating Your Home’s Energy Profile

Compared with how traditional electricity providers render, having an innovative system like this is a convenient way to cut home running costs. GridShare™ software and integrated hardware are now available for renewable energy control. You’ll have power in the day and night. Moreover, a range of live data can aid you to monitor your usage for optimal performance at all times.

Good to know: If you’re a GridShare member, you could avail the free extended warranty (10 years battery warranty.) You can also avail the flexible payment options for a green energy revolution.

One More Thing Before You Go

The self-generated renewable energy system is one of the most significant investments for your family. The ultimate convenience can be achieved through year-round power generation. Save money and install this brilliant scheme for energy storage. Find a reliable provider to install it for your home. Provide ultimate convenience for your family through a solar panel system with a smart battery.