The Benefits of an Intranet to a Company

The Benefits of an Intranet to a Company

With the advancement in technology, the business world has dramatically changed over the years. With the right skills and a computer, anyone can launch a business. While some features fade away with timeintranet software has remained relevant.

What does intranet mean? It is the company’s online portal that contains all its information. Intranets came to the scene back in the ’90s and have greatly evolved since then. Here is how an intranet benefits a company.

Efficient Internal Communication

modern intranet allows effective communication across your organization. Team discussions, sharing knowledge, department updates and leaders can keep in touch with employees. There is a flow of communication; people can share articles and reports and people can make their remarks in one place.

Connects Your Organization Across Different Time Zones

The intranet is the online central hub of a company. Events are planned, the news is shared and conversations are made here. It brings teams in multiple locations together. Every employee has insight into everything that is happening in the organization even in the most remote places.

Easy Information Access

An intranet contains all company updates and information. An employee can find information on various departments that may be valuable to a client. People can easily get work done when they stay in the loop.

Boosts Recognition

Recognition and reward are important in every workplace. It encourages employees to be more productive and improve their engagement levels. Even without a medal, a mention on the intranet will result in a feeling of achievement and motivate your employees.

Easy Onboarding

Acompany’s intranet helps new employees settle down faster. They are able to access documents, bios of those they look up to in the company, and information about the organization’s culture. They are able to easily ask for guidance in case they are stuck.

Knowledge Can Be Easily Shared

There are knowledge experts in every company. Intranets allow people to connect with the experts cultivating knowledge sharing growth. Forum discussions and company blog releases enable experts to disperse information to their colleagues.

Cutting Down On Meetings And Emails

Do you often have a cluttered inbox and a stuffed calendar? You need intranet! Modern intranets feature the chat icon for easy discussions. You do not have to deal with a messy inbox or have a whole bunch of emails to respond to.

Reinforcing Company Values

Through the intranet, you can put out company values for clarity. You can reward employees who best live out the values and use them as an example to everyone. Sharing related videos and articles on the intranet will give your employees a clear picture of what is expected from them.

Encouraging Transparent Culture

People bring out their best in a free space where they can channel their opinions and thoughts. According to research, 87% of employees prefer working for transparent companies. With an intranet, everything including financial plans can be put in the limelight.

Create A Company’s Culture

Your company’s intranet brings your employees together. It becomes an active platform with different characters. The various pieces and bits build up the organization.