Filtering Glasses Will Change How We Use Computers

Filtering Glasses Will Change How We Use Computers

Filtering glasses are a subset of glasses designed to filter out blue light emitted by computer screens, as well as block computer screen glare. These are also sometimes referred to as gaming glasses because these glasses are worn by gamers quite frequently, who spend a great deal of their time in front of computer screens.

Most computer glasses use filtering technology and increasing in popularity due to the increase in problems related to staring at computers. Staring at a computer screen for more than several hours a day has several consequences that are sometimes permanent.

As computer usage has increased, so has cases of myopia, or near-sighted. Looking at a digital screen puts excessive strain on the eyes. The glasses have polarizing lenses which allow them to filter out some of the excess light. This creates a more natural viewing environment that puts less pressure on the eyes. The glasses still allow you to see your computer screen with the same intensity of light so that your eyes are forced to view your screen in a dark setting.

People who wear contact lenses will not have their vision altered by these glasses. The glasses are engineered to work even with people who have a prescription. The lenses used in the glasses are not magnifying, compared to glasses with a prescription.

They also help to keep your field of focus in line. This is to prevent you from leaning forward too often. In this way, the glasses indirectly help you with posture. It’s not just with computers either. You can use these glasses with tablets and mobile phones as well.

The glasses have an anti-glare coating. This works by minimizing the contrast between light and dark areas on the screen. The lens is curved at specific angles to convert the light to the same level of intensity so that our eyes see everything on the screen at a constant brightness.

Blue light filtering may be the notable feature of the glasses. This is because blue light can disrupt our ability to sleep. Exposure to blue light reduces the neurotransmitters in our brain that are responsible for signaling sleep. It is advised that you should not look at a digital screen before bed without a filter. The glasses will be an option for late night workers who want to fit in extra work without sacrificing the quality of their sleep. Since the glasses filter out blue light, the user will see the screen through a yellow tint. Yellow and orange light have respectively longer wavelengths, so these are the next main colors that the user will see once the blue light is filtered.

As a result of their geometrical properties, the glasses will also help correct blurry vision. The light that is refracted after passing through the lenses is more evenly spread compared to the light emitted from the computer screen without the glasses. This will allow the eyes to relax more, which will prevent eye problems or conditions in the future.