Best practices for securing data breaches when terminating an employee

Best practices for securing data breaches when terminating an employee

The first step of securing the data when you are terminating the contract of an employee begins right at the onboarding process. An organization or a company must always take legal assistance for drafting employee handbook. This employee handbook is essentially outlines the policies related to the usage of the corporate and IT company resources.

It is important to determine and track the risk level through each department as it helps in building best practices needed for intellectual and data property security (IP) for employee conduct. This framework and structure comes in handy when you are terminating the contract of the employee.

Things to watch out for

Whenever an employee is terminated, the HR department should be notified as soon as possible and a comprehensive exit interview needs to be organized. This ensures that there is proper communication between the company and the employee so that they are both on the same page with regards to the reason of contract termination. An employee who feels hard done by or discriminated against becomes a potential threat to the IP of the company especially if they have deep access or knowledge to the organization’s data.

If the employee is openly discussing the shortcomings of the company structure or expressing displeasure, then it should serve as an indicator to potential threats emanating from the insiders. A lot of the employees feel entitled to the organization IP and according to a recent survey more than 40% of the employees take corporate information to the next job where they go. Thus this highlights the importance of data security when terminating the contract of the employee.

One of the things you can do to ensure data security is install a HR monitoring software. There are a number of monitoring tools and employee monitoring software in the market designed for monitoring purposes.

Understanding the functioning of work examiner

Let us understand how exactly the work examiner software functions, its features and benefits to the clients. The installation is very straight forward and once it is installed the will do all the work of monitoring, analyzing and generating reports for you to review.

There is also the option of remote installation of the software through the network and it provides 100% stealth which means no program groups, icons or processes are visible to the end user who is being monitored. For more information on the work examiner software you can check out the website.