Best Cheap Drones for Beginners

Best Cheap Drones for Beginners

Drones are really of great fun, aren’t they? Drone technology has come a long way and its industry is continuing to boom in our time. The prospective of drones are everlasting, they are often used to record or photograph, to transport goods or for surveillance etc. But new approaches and services are introduced rapidly as new innovations are being developed within reasonable packages.

Since drone industry is among the fastest growing new developing technology of this era, new drones with more capabilities and features has been introduced in the market for relatively affordable price ranges. You now do not have to spend a whole fortune on a single drone, instead you can have a higher quality craft with some great features. Hence; while having so much functionality, it becomes a little difficult to choose best one if you want to get some flight practice or are interested in a bit of photography or whatever the purpose is.

That’s why we have curated and compiled a list of the cheap best drones under $150 for beginners to choose from. Read on to find the best cheap drones that perfectly suits your needs and are not a burden on your pocket. Let’s have a good look at beginner drones which are especially for those who want to learn about drones yet do not want to risk crashing an expensive one. Check the below list of some affordable, easy to use drones that come entirely set up and ready to take off.


It is called a beginner’s racer drone as it is the best cheap drone for a wannabe racer. It may be not a first choice for a professional but ideal for a beginner in an affordable package.

It comprises of a frame that is amazingly light yet strong enough, also it comes with goggles and gives you an opportunity to experience flying as if you are in a cockpit. It has a decent flight time of five minutes for small bursts of high speed motion. Moreover, it includes 16 ‘one touch’ show possibilities. As it is best for racing, it comes totally assembled with batteries, so that you can start on at it 25mph maximum speed right away.


It’s one of the great drone device for taking quality pictures and videos in a fairly reasonable price range.

This gadget truly promises extra ordinary picture quality and claims a HD camera to click fabulous photos and 720p videos. It is excellently stable in the air, with its innovative barometer that maintains flight altitude and a 2.4 4CH transmitter that offers quite easy control. Hence, flying this device should be as simple even if it’s your first drone flying experience. Moreover, you can attach your smartphone to the controller to get real time flight images during the time it is in the air.


In little package it offers up recordable first person view technology! So if you are on the lookout for a relatively cheap drone to enhance your fighting skills, then this palm-sized device is quite nice. With its FPV camera, it conveys real time images to the screen on the controller.

Furthermore, with its 6-axis flight control system, it offers constancy as in flying this gadget will truly be a great experience. While having flight time of 10 minutes, it will be nicely assembled and ready to fly once taken out of the box.


Last on our list of cheap drones for beginners looks undeniably great!

This sleek and dynamic drone is capable of high-flying HD recording with its 2-megapixel, 720p HD camera. LED lights on this quadcopter, making it amazingly unique, ensures that it can fly at night without losing its track. Consists of 4GB mini SD memory card with detachable on-board 2MP 720p HD video camera to record the first person view of flying. Furthermore, it also includes 2.4 GHz spread spectrum technology remote controller within 100-150 meters range for flying and for the best anti-interference ability.

The beginner’s drone market is speedily progressing, so have a chance to learn the basics of flight with the above mentioned best cheap drones for beginners and you will be the master of air in no time.

Happy flying!